FreelancePA is a Virtual Service that completes tasks provided by you. We charge hourly rates and hourly packages. No complicated invoicing... 

Freelance personal assistants work remotely using our own computers and programs to complete the tasks.Being a FreelancePA allows us to have the flexibility  we need to be mums whilst productively making an income and growing our networks. We continue to study and train so that we can be relevant with the latest niches. 

At FreelancePA we provide the skills and professional services that you require to run your business. Instead of hiring a full time personal assistant you can hire us to work the hours you require. We pride ourselves on the trust and reliability we have built with our customers. 

As a Business Owner, Consultant or Entrepreneur you can utilise our skills to free up your time and prioritise your needs. 

We not only provide Administration assistance, we can run errands too. Shopping, organising cleaners, house inspections. What ever it may be, you can count on us. 

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